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Brassica napobrassica: Public Enemy Number One

In a Taco Hell coma.

I've made myself sick thinking about what's coming up in the next few months. Upon discovery of my admission to the U of A last Saturday, I just wanted to barf. I did experience a certain degree of happiness and accomplishment, but it was quickly overshadowed by everything that must be done before we even pack up our shit. There's the question of whether or not Evan and I will have to be joined in a legally recognized union, or if Canada will even let me cross the border with a friggin' misdemeanor on my record. Even if I get a LOT of funding, large sums of money need to be saved--we're not planning to take a whole lot of anything with us (which, in some cases, will need to be replaced upon arrival), and we'll probably have to sell our cars and get something that was made for eight months of bitterly cold weather. A $175 CAN housing deposit needs to be mailed off. Visas have to be obtained and paid for.

In having typed out my most major concerns about the whole affair, I'm no longer wondering why my confidence is flagging. Doing well is the least of my worries--after all, I have to make it up there first.

I'm all gloom and doom at the moment, but just a few hours ago, I was feeling very positive and upbeat. I've always said I wanted to live a life that was bit more than ordinary. While going to school in Canada is far from extraordinary, it will require me to move far, far away
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