Brassica napobrassica: Public Enemy Number One (rutabaga) wrote,
Brassica napobrassica: Public Enemy Number One

Time to resurrect this thing.

Logging into LJ just a minute ago, I felt as though I was walking into a bar I haven't been to in ten years. It feels right, but something is wrong. I've made at least one post a year since 2005, which is roughly when I stopped composing LJ entries in my head to amuse myself throughout the day. And what a shame. This LJ has been therapeutic on so many occasions in the past nine years, even if it was just rambling and bitching and whining to no one, or at least to anyone who cared.

I've still had plenty of crazy floating around for the past five years, but I guess I thought I was too busy. I fell in love--actually fell in love--and stopped coming home to either myself or someone too busy with their video game du jour to pay me any mind. Suddenly, my evenings were devoted to Evan (in theory, anyway). But never more. Blame it on being in Russia and having a ton of free time on my hands (at least for the next two weeks), but I miss documenting the comings and goings of my life.

Now I'm in grad school in Canada, and I find myself full of piss and venom that only Evan is subjected to--which is unfair, seeing as he is rarely the source of it, and extra unfair because he often agrees with me (just doesn't want to complain ad nauseum as I do). So there's another layer of necessity, even if it's just building on the whole therapy thing.

So, instead of entering data on Phoca sibirica, I will make a post. I hope I can remember all the HTML I'll need.
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